Design inspiration

Making a unique bespoke piece of furniture is only part of the challenge, often the harder part is designing it in the first place – how to come up with something that is a bit more special, a bit more creative and unusual, whilst still being highly functional?

I have recently been looking to buy a wood burning stove, a small model to go in a cottage. Although I knew the kind of design I wanted, this did not stop me looking at just about every stove on the planet; traditional, contemporary, big, small, inset, freestanding, double sided….. safe to say pretty thoroughly researched. Around the same time I was working on a vanity and shelf unit for a bathroom project, something contemporary, with interesting pale timber, ended up as below:

spalted sycamore bathroom vanity unit
spalted sycamore bathroom vanity unit

It hadn’t occurred to me initially, but as the project neared completion guess what it reminded me of:

odin stove