Windinghouse has worked on a diverse range of projects, below are a few examples of what we can do. Please click on the images to see more…..

Our largest project to date, it was a real pleasure to have a part in turning this crumbling barn in Snowdonia into a cutting edge contemporary home.

Due to strict planning regulations the building could not be extended so clever and discrete solutions were required to make the most of the space. 

In a largely open plan layout, ceramic topped handle-less curved base units form the heart of the kitchen. Off to the side appliances are hidden behind co-planar sliding doors, with a larder hidden in an internal wall between corridor and bathroom.

Wrapping around the kitchen and continuing on up to the apex of the ceiling is a 5 metre high ‘swall’ (sail-wall), and staircase leading to a study area on the mezzanine, which incorporates a bed hidden within the floor.

The staircase with cantilevered oak treads is otherwise made from perspex to allow light through to the bathroom below, switchable film on the clear sections providing privacy when required.

A light and airy painted kitchen with a contemporary twist, the solid chestnut handleless drawer unit adds a lively visual feature, complemented with chestnut wall cupboards, shelving and door knobs. Multi level elements lend a more relaxed, unfitted look, whilst also providing superior ergonomics.

A nice storyline to this kitchen, we were able to source limestone from a quarry only a few miles from the house, which was machined to make the worktops and tiles behind the range.

The pewter handles and hinges closely match the stone, and contrast nicely with the oak cabinetry.

The small induction hob and multifunction oven provide a convenient option when the rayburn is not on.

Making a feature out of wall cupboards, these asymmetric cabinets arc upwards towards a custom tambour unit, and also feature a spiralling pattern carved into the sycamore doors to create the decorative brown oak swirls which flow from one cabinet to the next.

If you have the space kitchen island units work great, particularly in multi function rooms such as this one.

Here the large island is very much the heart of the kitchen, with the substantial oak top providing a more welcoming touch than the granite worktops used elsewhere.

oval island oak kitchen

Here an oval shaped island helps provide a better space and flow around the room. The cantilevered breakfast bar provides comfortable seating for two.

Three quarter height units housing ovens, fridge and freezer with open storage above give this low ceiling room the feeling of more space.

A table with dual layered leg and stretcher design, in carefully selected tiger oak.

A favourite piece of Bens, this tiny chair in oak was to be a Grandmother’s gift to a newborn Granddaughter.

A bit more fun than your average bookcase, this understair storage/display features individual cubes and rectangles of differing sizes that can be arranged in many different ways, like a giant game of Tetris!